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Strangely Appealing: Distortion Candlestick

Shelterrific November 5, 2012

If Salvador Dali took a guest designer post at Jonathan Adler, the Distortion Candlestick would be his first pitch. The objet d’art is actually the brainchild of designer Paul Loebach. According to Areaware’s site, “A traditional candlestick is distorted through a 3D rendering program, rapid prototyped, then cast.” The process makes for some seriously trippy footage and the gorgeous resin and marble piece. The Distortion Candlestick ($24) can be purchased in white, gray, black, slate green, clay, gold, silver, blue, or red. I’m picturing a dinner party table setting dotted with these candlesticks, Fornasetti plates, a bright table cloth, and loads of black cats. Guests should provide their own mustaches.

Weekend DIY: Painted Door Jam

Shelterrific October 22, 2012

I’m crazy about this easy DIY from Zandi at Radical Possibility! In order to add some color to a neutral room, she painted the door jam a fantastic, poppy-bright pink. According to her step-by-step tutorial, the whole thing took some tape, a little paint, and about ten minutes. For color- and commitment-phobes, this is a great way to introduce a shot of color into a room without it being overwhelming.

30 Days of Halloween: DIY Mummified Fairy Specimen

Shelterrific October 12, 2012

I’ll admit it: I get a little excited whenever new evidence of a long lost species is uncovered. The practical part of my brain says there’s nothing new under the sun and all those fantastical baddies and mythical creatures are pure fiction. . . but that doesn’t stop the rest of my brain from holding out hope that just maybe there’s a little magic left in the far corners of the world.

That’s probably why I’m obsessed with this super creepy mummified fairy specimen from Shadow Manor. Wonderfully eerie and bizarrely accurate, it looks like one of a collection that Guillermo del Toro would have lining the walls of his office. This surprisingly easy DIY consists of a plastic skeleton, some glue, an old pair of nylons, and a few crumbling leaves for wings. I love it so much that I might let mine hang up all year.

Post Off: What’s your Favorite Food Writing Book?

Shelterrific October 11, 2012

I just finished Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour in which he travels the world in search of the perfect meal. I loved it. While Chef Tony can be sort of abrasively arrogant on “No Reservations,” in his writing, his passion is infectious and his arrogance dulled to a swaggering, appealing bad boy disposition. Every chapter was a new adventure (Vietnam, Russia, France, Japan) and (almost) every meal described in all it’s mouthwatering glory. It was a great read. More importantly though, A Cook’s Tour also introduced me to a literary genre I hadn’t ever read before: food writing. Now that’s I’ve delved into the genre, I’m hungry for more (sorry, couldn’t resist). So how about it, Shelterrific bookworms: what’s your favorite food writing book?

30 Days of Halloween: Free Spooky Printables

Shelterrific October 5, 2012

Is there anything spookier than a condemned, empty house? It’s where all sort of creepy crawlies can hide and spin their webs in the shadows. You never can tell just what is hiding in the dark- maybe a shambling zombie or a portal to an unspeakable, Cthulhu-friendly dimension (don’t you just hate those?). My imagination tends to run away with me and that’s why just this sign printed out and stuck on someone’s front door would scare me worse than a thousand fake spider webs. Visit Brooklyn Limestone for the simple, but effective download.

While you have your printer fired up, take a look at these other free Halloween printables:

Bookmark-worthy: The Jam Labelizer

Shelterrific September 24, 2012

The Jam Labelizer is a type A personality’s dream. It’s a free website that creates professional-looking packaging for your personal Martha-Stewart-caliber kitchen output. Enter in your jam name, type, bath date, and two taglines. Choose a label style and color and you’ll be able to print your design, save as a .jpeg, or share it on Facebook (go ahead, brag about that raspberry chutney).

Perfect for Fall: Pendleton’s National Parks Blankets

Shelterrific September 21, 2012

There are lot of things I love about the fall: the humidity all but disappears, I start drinking apple cider and tea in large quantities, and it’s finally hoodie weather again. Come to think of it, all the things I love about the fall could be summed up in one word: cozy. Things get cozier in the fall. AddPendleton’s National Parks blankets to that list.

Pendleton has been making their world renowned, cozy wool blankets since 1909. They started making their National Parks line in 1916 when Great Northern Railroad founder James J. Hill wanted something special for his Glacier Park lodges’ gift shops. Today, Pendleton Woolen Mills continues to honor America’s National Parks with a collection of blankets incorporating frontier traditions with the spirit of each park. I’m partial to the Glacier Park blanket ($228) with its Bison, tee-pee, and bear silhouettes and the warm, sunset-invoking colors of the Grand Canyon National Park blanket ($188- $218).

Bookmark-worthy: Ontheway App

Shelterrific August 29, 2012

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no vacation better than a road trip. Laying on a beach in Tahiti? Too boring. Carving a path through the rain forest in South America? Too sweaty. Drinking hot chocolate in a cozy Aspen lodge while Ryan Gosling tells you how fantastic you look in your sweater? Okay you got me, that one is better than a road trip.

Ryan Gosling notwithstanding, road trips are awesome. When planning a road trip, I always make sure I have a bag full of snacks, plenty of water for my pup, an iPod loaded with new podcasts, my trusty National Parks Passport, and a couple side trips courtesy of OnTheWay. OnTheWay App is “A better way to get there.” Load in your departure point and destination, and it will supply you with potential stop overs along the way. The site will suggest restaurants, movie theaters, and points of interest along your route so you can eat where locals do (and avoid the road trip trap of dollar menus). While not (yet) totally comprehensive, OnTheWay is a great starting point to begin planning your meandering adventure.

Yea or Nay: Framed Shopping Bags

Shelterrific August 15, 2012

I’m not sure if I love or loathe framed luxury shopping bags.

On the one hand, it is sort of slightly snooty and glorifying consumerism. But on the other hand, I love the graphic elements of some luxe brand logos (the pumpkin-bright orange color and horse-and-carriage logo of Hermes is a favorite).  Also, is this type of brand loyalty isn’t really all that different from having your favorite band or movie poster on your wall? After all, fashion is art.

What do you think, Shelterrific readers? Do you love or loathe framed shopping bags?

Weekend DIY: Ombre Stairs

Shelterrific August 13, 2012

Earlier this month, I moved into my new apartment and am finally not living out of boxes anymore. I’ve promised myself that this will be my Big Girl apartment. This will be the apartment where I buy furniture that isn’t made of particle wood, where I finally put paint on the walls, and put some effort into my nest.

That isn’t to say that it will be boring. I want my Big Girl apartment to be fun and colorful. Case in point: I recently came across a set of pink ombre stairs from Design Sponge on Pinterest and fell in love. A roll of masking tape, six Benjamin Moore paint samples, and a little elbow grease later and I had my very own set of cool, ombre stairs. The whole DIY took a few hours and less than $25!

The next step is touching up the top and sides of the stairs. I’m planning on changing that anemic, yellowish color into a soft dove gray.

To recreate Katie’s blue ombre stairs, use the Benjamin Moore colors (from top to bottom):

  • Light Blue
  • Blue Bayou
  • Costa Rica Blue
  • Utah Sky
  • Santa Monica Blue
  • Blueberry