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‘Buried': Notes from the Underground

Gozamos September 24, 2010

The new film ‘Buried’, opening Friday, begins as truck driver Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up after his convoy in Iraq has been attacked. He doesn’t wake up in a nice clean hospital bed or his familiar home with his wife doting on him. Nope, he wakes up in a coffin buried deep underground with only a few items including a small flask, a Zippo, and a cell phone. Paul struggles to free himself from his (potential) grave as time and his air supply runs out. Continue reading ‘Buried': Notes from the Underground

The First Time’s Not Always the Charm

Gozamos September 23, 2010

It sounds like a decent enough premise: take all those wacky, teenage sex comedies (see ‘Porky’s’, ‘Superbad’, etc.) and give them a low-budget make-over with a realistic twist for the YouTube generation. In theory it sounds great, but in practice ‘The Virginity Hit’, for all its potential, never really takes off. Continue reading The First Time’s Not Always the Charm

‘Howl’ Hits all the Right Beats

Gozamos September 22, 2010

Bio pics usually abide by a formulaic outline. A lead actor (in search of an Oscar) does a dead-on mimic of the late-great bio pic’s subject featuring a poor/difficult childhood, a candy-coated rise to fame, an inevitable set back/addiction, and a triumphant comeback (see: ‘Walk the Line’, ‘Ray’, ‘The Aviator’, etc.). They’ve become as predictable as clockwork and (although entertaining) devoid of real passion. Actors turn in good impressions of dead celebrities (i.e. “He sounds like Johnny Cash!” “He looks like Ray Charles!”) and are rewarded for their lack of depth come award season. Continue reading ‘Howl’ Hits all the Right Beats

Local Hero: Donna Touch

Gozamos September 7, 2010

Feature photo by Greg Inda

Donna Touch is one of the most beautiful faces on the Chicago burlesque scene. She shimmies, she shakes- you can look, but Donna Touch! The sequin-encrusted showgirl has been making Windy City hearts beat faster with the Vaudezilla burlesque troupe and recently started up a small clothing line inspired by her vintage lifestyle. Donna takes time out of her busy schedule to answer some of Gozamos’ questions.

Continue reading Local Hero: Donna Touch

‘Going the Distance’ is Worth the Trip

Gozamos September 2, 2010

Let’s face it: romantic comedies of the last 15 years have sucked.

At their best they’re sappy, predictable bores with artificial caricatures of men and women filled with lame slapstick bits and terrible dialogue that seems is so baldy written for laughs that the actors seem to mug at the camera after every punchline, “Get it? Get it!?” At their worst, they make you want to scoop out your own eyes with a rusty melon-baller so you’ll never have to see a movie starring Kate Hudson ever again.

It wasn’t always like that. Once upon a time, rom-coms were smartly written, honest, and a serious joy to watch (‘Annie Hall’, anyone?). Now Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are finally resurrecting the genre in a clever, realistic romantic comedy in ‘Going the Distance’. Continue reading ‘Going the Distance’ is Worth the Trip

A Gorram Good Time

Gozamos August 27, 2010

Saturday night there’s a little shindig happening at the Portage Theater.

One of the greatest movies to almost never be made, ‘Serenity’, will be screened for a group of the most passionate fans this side of the Friendly Confines. With a costume contest, door prizes, a silent auction, and other surprises planned, it’s guaranteed to be the most fun you’ll have in the ‘verse tomorrow. . .and all in the name of charity. Continue reading A Gorram Good Time

Devilish Good Fun with ‘The Last Exorcism’

Gozamos August 26, 2010

Being a recovering Catholic, I was raised to think of possession as a constant, unprovoked threat. Worse than cancer, more common than an eye roll from a tween, possession can swoop down and defile your soul at any time. That iconography still lingers in the back of my rational mind which is probably while exorcism films, a micro-genre within the huge horror genre, scare me more than my friends with more secular childhoods. ‘The Last Exorcism’, however, is scary enough to give nightmares to even the most logical Vulcan. Continue reading Devilish Good Fun with ‘The Last Exorcism’

Local Hero: Dr. Robyn Barbiers

Gozamos August 20, 2010

Dr. Robyn Barbiers has devoted her life to the welfare of all things furry. After spending nearly 3 decades saving lives and curing sick anipals (including an impressive fourteen years at the Lincoln Park Zoo), Dr. Barbiers was named president of the Anti-Cruelty Society. She takes time out of her busy schedule to answer some of Gozamos’ questions. Continue reading Local Hero: Dr. Robyn Barbiers

Going to Graceland

Gozamos August 10, 2010

Dotted with winding paths, a serene lake, incredible architecture, and bending willow trees, Graceland is arguably one of the most beautiful parks in Chicago. It’s a quiet place, a haven that, once inside its brick walls, shuts out the clamor from the rumbling red line L trains and the busy Irving Park traffic. Not that most of Graceland’s residents will be complaining about the noise any time soon- Graceland is a cemetery. Continue reading Going to Graceland

10 Things to Remember to do Before you Leave for Vacation

Gozamos July 31, 2010

You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your hotel, and printed your boarding pass. You’re ready to go on a well-deserved vacation, right? Wrong, Happy Traveler. Before you bid bon voyage, don’t forget to run through Gozamos’ handy dandy pre-trip checklist.

  1. Prepay Bills- Make sure you pay off Verizon, ComEd, and whoever else wants a piece of your paycheck. The last thing you want when you get back is a stack of late fees and a voice mail box full of collectors calling.
  2. Timing is Everything- Buy an inexpensive timer and set the TV, lights, or radio to turn on intermittently while your gone.
  3. Clean Sweep- Chances are you’ll be exhausted on your way home. After plane delays, returning rental cars, and all the headaches of return traveling, the most energy I can summon up is to dump the dirty clothes into the hamper and flop into bed. Do your future self a favor and give your house a clean sweep before you leave: take out the trash, make the bed, do the dishes, toss the leftovers in the fridge, and run the garbage disposal. Continue reading 10 Things to Remember to do Before you Leave for Vacation