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Katie Goes to C2E2 2012

Gozamos April 30, 2012 I woke up last Saturday morning with my heart filled with joy and goodwill towards my fellow man. Was it the first day of summer? Nope. Christmas morning? Try again. Free duck fat fries day at Hot Doug’s? Even better. It was C2E2. Maybe it was the no-holds-barred Quidditch matches, or […]

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Gozamos TV: C2E2 2011

Gozamos March 21, 2011 Gozamos goes to C2E2 2011 and checks out Chicago’s pop culture event of the year! We talk to several comic book artists, film directors, geek culture lovers and even some Windy City Jedi. Check out Episode 22 of featuring roving nerd reporter Katie Donbavand.

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Ten Things to Do at C2E2 Chicago

Gozamos March 17, 2011
Nerds, geeks, dweebs: lend me your ears!
While you’re at it, can you also lend me your special edition DVD box set of Firefly, your Cowboy Bebop magna, and your lucky Batman t-shirt? A girl’s gotta be prepared, you know!
The Chicago pop culture phenomenon begins this Friday March 18th and runs through Sunday March 20th. From D.C. to Dolls, it’s all happening at C2E2. Tickets range from $25 (one day online pre-sale pass) to $60 (on-site weekend pass) and are available through C2E2’s website.
To help you navigate the truly packed-to-the-brim weekend, your friendly neighborhood Lifestyle editor (that would be me) has assembled a must-do list of the best of the best of C2E2.
Be there or be the laughing stock of your Joss Whedon forum.
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Review: The Green Hornet

Gozamos January 14, 2011
I went into ‘The Green Hornet’ with low expectations. Maybe you will too. Maybe you already saw ‘True Grit’ over Christmas break when you had to escape from all the forced family fun. You watched ‘Black Swan’ during a weekend snow storm when nothing was on TV (and have been having nightmares ever since).
Now what?
Surely you’re not about to shell out $11 to see ‘Little Fockers’ or another disappointing Vince Vaughn vehicle (I still haven’t forgiven him for ‘Couple’s Retreat’ which fell somewhere on the enjoyment scale between 10% sales tax and accidentally ripping a toenail off). Maybe this weekend you’ll shrug your shoulders, grab a box of Raisinets, and wander into a theater playing ‘The Green Hornet’ solely because it seems like the least offensive movie you haven’t seen yet.
But guess what? It’s actually pretty good!canada goose sale mens
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A 'Rare' Christmas Miracle

Gozamos December 24, 2010
It’s Christmas time. It’s the one time of year that sugar-coated, glurge-fest movies are on every channel. They’re hallmarks of compassion and humanity where last minute miracles are not only expected, they’re required. You’re supposed to be uplifted, inspired, and reminded of the importance of family.
‘Rare Exports’ is not one of those movies.
I have no doubt that ‘Rare Exports’ will be a new Christmas favorite for a certain percentage of people- myself included. It is a hard sell: a mostly subtitled Finnish film playing on very few American screens. But if you only see one Finnish film in your lifetime, let ‘Rare Exports’ be it! It is a fun, disturbing, original, genre-hopping gem that left the audience that I saw it with giddier than a night full of spiked eggnog.
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Last Look: Lifestyle Section

Gozamos December 22, 2010
The year is drawing to a close and with it comes the inevitable nostalgic look back at the past year (and the scramble to find a kick ass New Year’s Eve outfit). In 2010, the Lifestyle section has been your go-to for how-to. We’ve worked hard for you this year, ladies and gents. We’ve tried out the latest exercise fads, taken up new hobbies, gone on deal-breaker dates, traveled to far, far away lands, and elbowed our way to the front row of fashion shows to bring you the latest and greatest of how to live and how to look good doing it.
Get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions courtesy of Gozamos’ Lifestyle Gurus. This year will be your year. 2011 is the year when you’re going to finally take that exotic vacation and pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try. You’re going to date better, dress better, and have better sex.
Hop to it, readers. Go try something new. . .
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The Lifestyle Section's Winter Solstice Wish List

Gozamos December 20, 2010
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Love is flowing, fireplaces are roaring and cash registers are ringing. That annual winter solstice mating dance of gift giving and gift receiving is in full swing- the pressure is most certainly on. Before you completely loose your mind to mall madness, let your favorite Lifestyle section gurus guide you through their wish lists. The Indumentarian, Jane Sez and Gozamos’ favorite single girl Elvin have submitted, for your approval and potential purchasing, their must haves for this holiday season.
Of course, the Indumentarian always accepts cash donations.
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Chicago Latino Fashion Week 2010 is Here!

Gozamos November 8, 2010
Dust off your skyscraper high heels and get your best suit pressed: Latino Fashion Week is arriving in Chicago tonight! Runways will fill up with models as the can’t-miss-it social event of the season kicks off this evening. Don’t be shy, Gozamos is here to help all you wall flowers take the plunge and step into the ranks of Chicago’s glittering fashion scene with eight things that you definitely don’t want to miss this week. Just try not to be blinded by the flashbulbs. . . Read more

Pasties and Podoboos: A 'Boobs and Goombas' Review

Gozamos October 28, 2010
Gapers Block November 11, 2010

Photos by K Leo
It’s a dream come true for twelve year olds: take Super Mario Brothers and combine it with nudity. Throw in a locked door and it’s a pre-teen wonderland that most greasy-haired guys can only dream of. ‘Boobs and Goombas’ is (thankfully) not just for sticky-fingered boys, it’s a fantastic new show that has been playing to cheering crowds at the Gorilla Tango Theater. Set to run only through October, the show has been such a hit that (lucky for you!) November and December dates have been added. Read more

Better Than Okay: Interview with OK Go

Gozamos October 7, 2010

By all accounts, I’m unqualified to write for Gozamos’ music section. I am definitively not a music snob. My iPod is full of singles, I don’t collect backstage passes like baseball cards, and I’ve never said anything along the lines of “Man, you should have heard them before they sold out.” In fact, the last album I bought was TLC’s CrazySexyCool (a fact that earned quite a few laughs at our last contributors’ meeting). That is, until I heard OK Go. Read more