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Pimp My Ride

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye September 3, 2011
Roberto Izquierdo spends hours at a time scouring eBay, but he’s not collecting vinyl or out-of-print books. The graphic designer is looking for parts for his bicycle. Make that his third bicycle.
“At first, I didn’t want to own a custom bike—I just wanted a simple road bike,” he said.
But Izquierdo, 25, of Bridgeport, soon realized he wanted more than an off-the-rack model.
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Where to Get Caveman Cuisine in Chicago

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye April 23, 2011
Paleo peeps share their tips for navigating menus when dining out and give us some favorite caveman-friendly Chicago restaurants. Read more

Body by Bedrock

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye, April 23, 2011
Collin Korab gets teased a lot by his co-workers. They don’t understand why he has chicken carcasses on his desk after lunch. They don’t get why his friends run barefoot and toss around 20-pound medicine balls.
No wonder his colleagues call him Caveman Boy.
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