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A Slice of Heaven on National Pie Day

BeautifulNow January 23, 2013

There’s nothing more comforting than a pie fresh from the oven. Each slice is a mouth-watering masterpiece. Golden, flaking, buttery crusts hide a rich stash of sugared, glistening jewels within.

We find every reason we can to celebrate here at Beautiful Now so you can bet that on January 23rd we’ll be savoring a bit of nutmeg, sugar, and cinnamon (hopefully our pie is every bit as gorgeous as photographer Paulina Mak’s is above).

January 23rd is National Pie Day and it’s the perfect time to warm up your oven and indulge. Invite some friends over while you cook. Catch up and sip tea while the smells of caramelized sugar and sweet cooking fruits waft through your home.

What’s your most beautiful pie recipe? Tell us about it below.

The Dreamy Paperweights of Chicago’s Art Institute

BeautifulNow January 21, 2013

“Some fragment of a dream,” is how Truman Capote described his beloved paperweight collection. His words seem particularly potent when faced with Paul Stankard’s Honey Bee Swarm with Flowers and Fruit (2012), one of the newest acquisitions of the Art Institute of Chicago’s expanding paperweight collection. The piece is a wonder. Honey bees hover frozen over flowers, their delicate filaments and reaching vines so realistic that you can almost smell the soft, sweet scent of clover.

Honey Bee Swarm is just one of the hundreds of paperweight beauties on display at Chicago’s  Art Institute. Thanks to recent generous support from the International Paperweight Society Foundation, the museum has been able to expand the Arthur Rubloff Collection of Paperweights. The number of paperweights on view has grown from 341 to more than 800! The expansion ranks the Art Institution’s paperweights as one of the three premiere collections in the world. A romantic stroll through the gallery is the perfect way to spend a blustery Chicago Sunday, especially if you are a local Illinois resident. Locals can visit the museum for free on weekdays from January 7th until February 23rd.

Fei Fei Sun Shines on Vogue

BeautifulNow January 21, 2013

Fei Fei Sun recently became the first Asian model to grace the cover of Italian Vogue and we only have one question: What took them so long?! Like Venus in her iridescent shell, Fei Fei belongs in the pages of Vogue.

The editorial is titled simply “Fei Fei” and shot by the legendary Steven Meisel. It is a contradiction- lavishly photographed, but sparsely styled. It features Fei Fei’s most famous features, her lovely signature cheekbones, deep probing eyes, and perfectly arched eyebrows. A Chinese model, an American photographer, and an Italian magazine worked together to bring us this brilliant vision of global beauty.

The Most Beautiful Gift in the World

BeautifulNow January 19, 2013

The pretty polka dots artfully scattered above are beautiful, but they are also vital. The microscopic image affords us a close up view of life-giving blood, including a heart-shaped white blood cell.

January is historically the toughest time of the year for blood banks to attract donors. In the United States alone, someone is in dire need of blood every two seconds! That means that more than 44,000 blood donations are needed every single day. Why not do your part to live beautifully and compassionately and donate blood? Visit the Red Cross online to make a blood donation appointment and help save a life.

The Washington National Cathedral Just Became More Beautiful

BeautifulNow January 15, 2013

The Washington National Cathedral is a work of art with it’s reaching spindles, dazzling stained glass, and awe-inspiring size but it only recently lived up to the potential of its beauty. One of the nation’s most prominent churches will now perform same sex marriages.

The Washington National Cathedral, also called the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, stands as a shining example of the power of beauty. The church will now embrace homosexual marriage as it embraces heterosexual marriage, celebrating “lifelong faithfulness, love, forbearance and mutual comfort.”

Pablo Picasso: The Patron Saint of Chaos

BeautifulNow January 7, 2013

Picasso was a master at making chaos beautiful. He cut up his portraits, reducing them to shards and fragments and sharp edges. A wide eye here, a full breast there, a crooked smile, and curling fingers below. Picasso broke down his subjects only to reassemble them in a shock of beautiful calamity.

A new exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim explores the fantastic black and white chaos that Picasso created throughout his prolific career, from the early 1900s to the 1970s.  The exhibit includes paintings, sculptures, and works on paper that celebrate black and white chaos while shunning color.

Picasso Black and White is on exhibit now through January 23rd.

10 Beautiful Purple Necklaces on Etsy

BeautifulNow January 3, 2013

1. Guardian of my Dreams from LuxViviensFashions, $495

Truly worthy of some fabulous, ancient Mediterranean princess, this beaded bib features two elegant peacocks guarding the window to dreamscapes. This necklace is a banquet of rich materials and is handcrafted using Japanese and Czech glass beads, 24K plated gold beads, Swarovski crystals, blue goldstone, brass peacocks, and soft black leather.

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Strong is Beautiful

BeautifulNow January 3, 2013

Page through most fashion magazines and you’re likely to find endless photos of the tall and thin. It’s almost as if our world is populated by a race of skinny clones that look like they’d topple over in a strong breeze. Until, that is, you land on M.A.C.’s new ad campaign featuring Serbian-American bodybuilder Jelena Abbou.

It’s an arresting photo. The 35-year-old fitness model’s intense gaze seems to stare down an off-camera opponent while she flexes her incredible, carved-from-steel arms. Her makeup is dark and dramatic. Her hair, artfully arranged to complement the futuristic, shining black dress. Jelena’s body, so different from the beauty ideal, is undeniably fantastic.

The photograph exemplifies the new attitudes towards strong women. Jelena is celebrated: a warrior, beautiful and strong, taking a moment to flex in the spotlight. She’s so sincerely regal that it’s almost as if a crowd of worshipers surrounds her feet just out of frame.