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These Stars Make the World a Better Place (and Make Us Want to Do the Same)

InStyle April 2, 2014

Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio

We look to our favorite celebrities for fashion inspiration, but with Earth Day just around the corner, we’re looking to them to be our green living inspirations too.

We rounded up a list of stars who are committed environmentalists, striving to make the world better and using their place in the spotlight to shed much-needed light on important issues.

We love stars like Cameron Diaz, our clean living idol, who was one of the first famous faces to kick off the Prius trend and Cate Blanchett who has made it her mission to spread solar energy globally. Just when we thought Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t get any more swoon-worthy, we found out that the Oscar-nominated heartthrob is a tireless activist for several charities (including The World Wildlife Fund and Natural Resources Defense Council).

Read on to find out about our favorite Hollywood eco-warriors and how you can help their pet causes.

Pure Jeanius! 30 Ways to Style Your Denim

InStyle April 1, 2014

30 Days of Denim

Forget diamonds. Denim is a girl’s best friend.

Denim is the closet gymnast: constantly bending and back-flipping to fill multiple roles in your wardrobe. It can be flirty on date night, polished in Monday morning production meetings, and model-off-duty cool on the weekends.

Not only that, there is something indefinitely right about a good pair of jeans. Who doesn’t feel more like themselves slipping on a favorite pair of worn-in, seen-it-all jeans? Nothing else in your closet can so instantly ground you like denim can.

To prove that jeans are the most versatile in your closet, we challenged our InStyle team to build a calendar of no-fail, stylish outfits. 30 days: all featuring denim. We embraced denim in all its glory: frayed, cropped, dark, pastel, patchwork, torn, crisp, skinny, relaxed, and cuffed.

The results? A multifaceted tableau of perfect outfits you’re going to love.

Click through our gallery of looks and get inspired to wear your old, classic denim in new, fabulous ways.

Brunch Bunch: Spice Up Sunday with Katie Lee’s Favorite Bloody Mary Recipe

InStyle March 30, 2014

Katie LeeThis year, we’re celebrating an extra spicy milestone birthday. 2014 marks the 80th anniversary of the Bloody Mary.

Created in 1934 at the St. Regis’ King Cole bar in New York City, the Bloody Mary (first named the more G-rated “Red Snapper” as to not offend the posh patrons), quickly became the “it” crowd’s best-loved vodka cocktail.

Today, the Bloody Mary is still a favorite for celebrity chef and food critic Katie Lee (and likely millions of brunchers). “Bloody Marys are, really, the only savory cocktail.” She told us at the Stoli vodka #SearchForMary party held earlier this week at the famed King Cole bar. “Swing on by (my house) on Sunday and you’ll find a Bloody Mary bar.”

And, yes, she means every Sunday. “Maybe that’s why I can’t get rid of my house guests!” Lee joked.

“I’ll make a big pitcher of Bloody Mary mix, set up the garnishes, and the let guests make it their own way.” Some of her go-to garnishes include sugared bacon, a single beautiful kale leaf and pickled kimchi. “Pickled produce is such a food trend right now,” Lee told us. “Pickled kimchi, pickled beets—all of it!”

So. . . can we come over?

“Of course!” Lee graciously offered. “You’re all invited.”

For those unable to make it to Katie Lee’s Sunday brunch, she shared her favorite Bloody Mary recipe, which is a bit of a mash-up: one part Northeastern, inspired by Lee’s breezy summers in the Hamptons, and one part Southern with a nod to her West Virginian roots.

Mary by the Beach


– 10 oz. Stoli vodka — While other vodkas will do in a pinch, Lee insists on using Stoli for her recipe. “Stoli is a really robust vodka,” she says. “It pairs well with complex flavors.”
– 1 45 oz. bottle low-sodium vegetable juice
– Juice of 1 lemon
– 2 tsps. prepared white horseradish
– 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
– 1 tsp. celery salt
– ½ tsp. kosher salt
– ¼ tsp. onion powder
– Hot sauce
– Old Bay Seasoning — Lee likes to use the seasoning to rim the cocktail glasses.
Garnishes: celery sticks, green olives, pickles, crispy bacon strips (Lee also likes brown sugar bacon — yum!), lemon wedges, and shrimp


In a large pitcher, combine the vegetable juice, Stoli vodka, lemon juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, kosher salt, onion powder and hot sauce to taste. Chill until serving time. Pour over ice and garnish as desired.

Make It Yourself: A Spring Bouquet of Paper Cherry Blossoms

InStyle March 28, 2014

Paper Cherry BlossomsLivia Cetti is the Beyoncé of paper flowers. She’s the current reigning paper craft queen, conjuring delicate, beautiful blossoms out of tissue paper and wire. Cetti’s Pinterest-worthy designs have appeared in Kate Spade campaigns, Anthropologie windows, the White House, and (most importantly) InStyle editorials.

From romantic orchids to exotic Japanese anemones, no one can create fabulous paper flowers like Cetti can. . . until now! The renowned floral stylist is inviting you into her studio and dishing her secret tips and techniques in her new book The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers ($25; The book will be released April 8th but, to ease the wait, Cetti generously shared one of her favorite DIYs with us: cherry blossoms.

This craft is a particularly beautiful because it melds the organic with the whimsical. “If you attach (paper flowers) to real branches, you still get the natural gesture and feel of plants,” Cetti writes in her book.

Bring a bit of spring indoors and get started now! And be sure to check out other crafty projects, as well as a number of under-a-minute hair and makeup video tutorials, in our new how-to section!

Tour the Gorgeous (and Eco-Friendly!) Santa Monica Home of Amber Valletta

InStyle March 27, 2014

Tour Amber Valletta's Home

It’s no surprise that an ultra-stylish supermodel/actress would have an equally fabulous home. What is surprising, though, is just how eco-friendly Amber Valletta’s beautiful home is. For our April 2014 issue, Valletta opened the doors to her spectacular Santa Monica home and shared all her green decorating tips.

Valletta collaborated with designer Ross Cassidy to create a home that was both stylish and had a small carbon footprint. “I remember being in New York 20 years ago and talking about climate change,” she told reporter Laurie Sandell. “That’s just part of who I am.”

To accomplish their green goals, the duo used vintage fabrics and furniture, un-dyed linens, low-chemical paint, solar panels and natural fibers. The resulting space is a collage of textures, bright colors, art, and light. “There’s a sense of playfulness here,” said Valletta. “I wanted a home that’s fun, not fussy.”

One of Valletta’s favorite rooms in the house is her bedroom. Natural sea grass covers the walls, but—in a move that proves eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring—Amber painted them hot pink. In spite of her pro volleyball player husband Christian McCaw‘s hesitation, Valletta was totally confident about the bold color. “I knew it was going to be really cool.”

Tour Amber Valletta’s eco-friendly Santa Monica home through our gorgeous photo gallery.

Jaime King Spills the Beans On Her Next Project, an Eco Baby Line

InStyle March 23, 2014

Jaime KingActress and model Jaime King is ready to tack “designer” to her resume. The new mom told InStyle exclusively that she is developing an eco-friendly line of baby wear.

For the endeavor, King will partner with Australian company Sapling Child. “It’s all organic fabrics, all organic vegetable dyes,” she promises. The model mommy actually got to know the company after son James Knight Newman (father is director Kyle Newman) was born October 6 last year. “I started putting my baby in these clothes, and I was so in love,” she raves. “ I Instagrammed a picture of it, and the head designer reached out to me, and was like, ‘Have you ever thought about collaborating?’”

Call it kismet, for King had always wanted to design baby clothes and was particularly keen on the company’s eco-friendly vision. “The idea of putting my child in something that I believe in — that I would want other children to wear because of the way that it’s made and how’s it’s made and the message that it brings —it’s been really exciting!” she says.

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Give Your Apartment a Breath of Fresh Air with This Runway-Inspired Paint

InStyle March 21, 2014

A Breath of Fresh Air painted roomWant an easy way to rejuvenate your apartment for the spring? It’s as simple as a fresh coat of paint.

Interior designer Brian Gluckstein compares a fresh coat of paint on your walls to a new pair of shoes in your closet: “It’s like fashion — you change your accessories seasonally.”

So what shade should you embrace? Gluckstein’s suggestion for the most of-the-moment color is Benjamin Moore’s recently announced color of the year. It is — literally! — a breath of fresh air.

The Benjamin Moore international team of experts culled inspiration from the New York runways, Paris furniture showrooms, and even unexpected places like Detroit’s auto industry to find the perfect color: A Breath of Fresh Air (806). The soothing blue captures the color of a handful of sea glass, a blueberry macaron, or a pre-twilight summer sky.

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Mais Oui! French Designer Sandro Throws a Star-Studded Dinner Party

InStyle March 21, 2014

Sandro DinnerFrench fashion designer Sandro threw a private dinner for friends and clients last night at the famed Chateau Marmont Bungalow in Los Angeles. Celebs including Emmy Rossum, Annabelle Wallis, Emma Roberts, and Jaime King (pictured above), came out Thursday night to celebrate the gorgeous, Parisian-chic line.

Actress Emmy Rossum, an affirmed fan of the designer, wore Sandro head to toe. Well, almost head to toe. “Clavicle to ankle!” She declared, wearing Stuart Weitzman shoes. Rossum cited the brand’s sense of relaxed chic as her reason for devotion. “(Sandro is) easy to wear for every day. It’s for the girl who’s confident but relaxed. I like it a lot.”

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Throw a Pinterest-Worthy Spring Party With This Target Collaboration

InStyle March 20, 2014

Oh Joy for TargetBlogger Joy Cho had made it her mission to live colorfully. On her blog, Oh Joy!, she documents her fabulous handmade parties — complete with artfully striped ice cubes and romantic updos dotted with fresh flowers.

Of course not everyone is blessed with the amazing eye for design and creative mind that Cho has. Luckily for us, the L.A. designer has recently collaborated with Target to release an entertainment collection that captures the spirit of her handmade parties.

“I designed what I would want to use for a party and what I’d need to make it look super special and fun without having to spend the time making decorations from scratch,” Cho wrote on her blog. “The first collection for spring is inspired by a garden party and all of the items you can use to create, decorate, serve food, and entertain easily, beautifully, whimsically.”

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Conquer the Crop Top: How to Wear the New Shapes for Spring

new shapesInStyle March 5th, 2014

The new shapes for spring have even experienced fashionistas scratching their heads.

Can long skirts look sophisticated and chic instead of boho-beachy?

How do you wear cropped palazzo pants without looking like your just came from a resort?

How do you wear a crop top without having Jennifer Aniston’s abs?

There are some seriously tricky garment shapes facing us this season. Have no fear, readers! Our InStyle editors have put their heads together and created some ready-made wardrobe templates for you to conquer tricky spring shapes.

Don’t be intimidated! Get ready to switch up your style and conquer the crop top, the miniskirt, the long skirt, and the cropped palazzo pants.