Tour the Gorgeous (and Eco-Friendly!) Santa Monica Home of Amber Valletta

InStyle March 27, 2014
Tour Amber Valletta's Home
It’s no surprise that an ultra-stylish supermodel/actress would have an equally fabulous home. What is surprising, though, is just how eco-friendly Amber Valletta’s beautiful home is. For our April 2014 issue, Valletta opened the doors to her spectacular Santa Monica home and shared all her green decorating tips.
Valletta collaborated with designer Ross Cassidy to create a home that was both stylish and had a small carbon footprint. “I remember being in New York 20 years ago and talking about climate change,” she told reporterOffice Professional Plus 2013 key Laurie Sandell. “That’s just part of who I am.”
To accomplish their green goals, the duo used vintage fabrics 070-464 and furniture, un-dyed linens, low-chemical paint, solar panels and natural fibers. The resulting space is a collage of textures, bright colors, art, and light. “There’s a sense of playfulness here,” said Valletta. “I wanted a home that’s fun, not fussy.”
One of Valletta’s favorite rooms in the house is her bedroom. Natural sea grass covers the walls, but—in a move that proves eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring—Amber painted them hot pink. In spite of her pro volleyball player 070-243 husband Christian McCaw‘s hesitation, Valletta was totally confident about the bold color. “I knew it was going to be really cool.”
Tour Amber Valletta’s eco-friendly Santa Monica home through ourbuy Office Professional Plus 2013 key gorgeous photo gallery.