Jaime King Spills the Beans On Her Next Project, an Eco Baby Line

InStyle March 23, 2014
Jaime KingActress and model Jaime King is ready to tack “designer” to her resume. The new mom told InStyle exclusively that she is developing an eco-friendly line of baby wear.
For the endeavor, King will partner with Australian company Sapling Child. “It’s all organic fabrics, all organic vegetable dyes,” she promises. The model mommy actually got to know the company after son James Knight Newman (father is director Kyle Newman) was born October 6 last year. “I started putting my baby in these clothes, and I was so in love,” she raves. “ I Instagrammed a picture of it, and the head designer reached out to me, and was like, ‘Have you ever thought about collaborating?’”
Call it kismet, for King had always wanted to design baby clothes and was particularly keen on the company’s eco-friendly vision. “The idea of putting my child in something that I believe in — that I would want other children to wear because of the way that it’s made and how’s it’s made and the message that it brings —it’s been really exciting!” she says.

Expecting moms will have awhile to wait. King has been busy in design room working on looks with pieces available next year at SaplingChild.com. But surely she’ll be in great company. She joins other celebrity moms who have delved into baby wear for mini-mes, like Jessica Simpson’s All Dressed Up, Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line for Target, Spice Girl Emma Bunton’s line for UK retailer Argo, and Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company. Alba, particularly, has been an positive influence, says King: “She’s my son’s Godmother!”
Reporting by Brianna Deutsch.