#BestofDigi: See Our Picks for Sites That Will Make a Healthier You

InStyle October 28, 2013
#BestofDigiEveryone has a favorite online boutique and virtual makeup counter, but do you have anything bookmarked that will help you find your zen? How about live greener? Our #bestofdigi round up is here to fill that void — and make sure you have something fabulous to wear to the gym!
For our November issue, we combed the enormity of the Internet to find the best sites that help you live a healthier life. If you’re on a quest for balance (and who isn’t?), Live the Process can get you there with its guide to wellness and holistic health across topics like beauty, fitness, meditation, and nutrition. Gym bunnies will rejoice for Carbon38, an online boutique producing edgy, cool gym clothes and fascinating interviews with fit celebs and power yogis. Ethica makes it simple to shop eco-friendly with tons of domestically produced, vegan, sustainable, and Trade Not Aid products. For a green makeup fix, the Beauty Counter is our go-to site for luxurious, healthy products.
Bonus time: We’ve got your discount hookup. Check out these discount codes for up to 50-percent off products from some of the sites we featured in our #bestofdigi round-up—and let us know what deals you scored using the #bestofdigi hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
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