Day: June 7, 2013

Atlantis: Found?

BeautifulNow June 7, 2013

water discus1“Sleeping with the fishes,” is a much more inviting concept now that it can come with room service and a gorgeous view. In fact, it becomes even more exciting when you consider that you just might be waking up in Atlantis.

The stuff of the legend of Atlantis, a mythical island, sunk into the ocean around 9600 BC, is rising once again. Allegedly buried under crashing waves and overtaken by gently beckoning seaweed, it became home to scuttling crabs, their tiny feet clinking across submerged marble temples, and schools of frantic fish—darts of iridescent color under the waves.

But now, the essence of Atlantis will be reborn in the form of a very beautiful resort in Dubai. When finished, fiction will become fact as luxury is built under the sea. Read more