Month: April 2013

Cities Drenched with Beauty

BeautifulNow April 29, 2013
jacrot_Tokyo CrossingHere, the asphalt is glistening. Colors are bleeding across these wondrous (somehow not gloomy) scenes—red from traffic lights and yellow of streetlamps. Bending umbrellas strain against the weather, their carrier bent low against the wind. The neon of New York City’s Broadway blurs behind a window dotted with rain. A taxi hides behind a wall of black smoke rising up from the unseen subway, its headlights burning through the haze like a predator on the Serengeti. Read more

Bringing Color and Life to Concrete

BeautifulNow April 28, 2013
Graffiti gets a bad rap. It’s the red-headed stepchild of the art world. At best, it’s considered a passing fad. At worst, it’s reviled. Graffiti artists are misunderstood creatures. They often hide, with paint-splattered hoods pulled over their heads, creating their art under cover of night, in decisive swipes and dashes, globs and sprays. But perhaps that perception is expanding with projects like Atlanta’s “Elevate South Broad Mural Projects.”
The project began in October, 2012, at the 100 block of South Broad near the intersection of Broad & Mitchell Street, a longtime overlooked block in downtown Atlanta. The city commissioned several street artists to douse the rundown buildings with life and color. Atlanta artists, HENSE, Tilt, Server, and Born, as well as LA artist Push, answered the call to mural. Read more

Electrifying Haute Couture

BeautifulNow April 23, 2013
Iris van Herrpen Voltage 1A dancer stands on a sleek sculpted column atop a pedestal, when suddenly—ZAP!—a bolt of crackling purple lighting shoots through the room and begins to gather and twist around his body. He is New Zealand artist Carlos Van Camp and he shows no fear, only grace, as he begins to move, teasing the top of a Tesla coil, with three million volts spitting and jumping over and around his limbs.
And so begins Dutch designer Iris van Herpen’s spring 2013 runway show. The collection, presented in Paris, explores the electricity of the body. Read more

Give Your Heart for Haiti

BeautifulNow April 14, 2013
Urban ZenTalented hands dip into the cool water, pulling stones from the local river in Cormier, a rural zone just east of Port au Prince. The stones have been smoothed from their time under the current, and their shapes are oblong and curving. The hands work slowly, moving with patience and love, carving the stones into hearts. These hands are the hands of Haitian artisans and these stone hearts will bring change.
Read more

Grand Centennial: Grand Central Terminal's 100th Birthday

BeautifulNow April 11, 2013
_MG_6765Grand Central Terminal beats like a beautiful heart in the middle of New York City. It is alive, pumping travelers in and out of the city, morning and night, like blood through arteries. Beyond the millions of commuters coursing through its corridors and great rooms, 21 million visitors pass through annually, gazing at the sunlight as it streams through the 75 foot windows and dances across the cavernous marble floors.
We love to visit Grand Central Terminal and stand on the outskirts of the gridlock. Grand Central is like a church, Our Lady of ETA and ETD, ushering our arrivals and departures, strictly binding us to hours, minutes, and seconds. When you arrive, you are both grand and central at the same time. It warrants a deep, lung-stretching breath as you arch your neck upwards to behold the bespoke aquamarine and gold celestial painted ceiling that dazzles overhead. Read more