The Pun Also Rises. . . An Oscar Party

Elizabeth Banks February 20, 2013

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Katie must be quite the socialite. First, she brought us Netflix parties and now an Oscar party. I oughta throw one of these some time… Xx EB


There’s one thing that I don’t mind bragging about: I throw an amazing Academy Awards party. First off, I have a five-foot tall inflatable Oscar statue. Secondly, my guests are treated like A-listers with swag bags full of dollar store sunglasses, Oscar Bingo cards from How About Orange, and a menu filled with luxurious puns.

That’s right: puns.

Ever single menu item’s name must be a play on one of the nominated movies titles. Don’t even try to bring over a bag of chips unless you’re calling it “The Chips are Alright”.


Half of the fun of throwing the party is trying to come up with all the puns beforehand. My 2010 menu included “Inglorious Bruschetta,” “Blind Sliders,” and “Blueberry Avartarts” for dessert. 2011 had guests (dressed in sweat pants and rhinestones) sipping “Ginception Ale” cocktails. Last year, sweet potato wedges were served as “Fries of the Planet of the Apes,” homemade marshmallows were “Harry Potter and the Deathly Mallows,” and the main course was “My Weekend with Marinated Chicken Tacos”.

This year, one of the nominated animated short films is “Fresh Guacamole”- that’s an easy one. “Searching for Sugar Cookies” and “Life of Chocolate Pi(e)” are no brainers too, but I need help rounding out the rest of my menu.

Help me out, check out the nominated films and chime in with your suggestions!

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