Wagashi: Bite-sized Art

BeauitfulNow January 26, 2013

In Japan’s calendar, February 11th marks Foundation Day, a national holiday to raise flags, celebrate patriotism, and maybe even indulge in a gorgeous wagashi treat.

The Japanese have long been the leaders of high expectations. As a culture, their obsession with attainable perfection is unmatched. Where else on earth can you find a dessert so efficiently beautifully? Usually appearing as a duet with tea, wagashi are confections made with skill, patience, and an artist’s eye. Ombre versions of peaches, tiny bunnies with gilded ears, curling green leaves, swimming koi suspended in gelatinous pools, cherry blossoms dusted with falling snow- wagashi are beautiful, edible works of art.

To find out more about wagashi, read Mutsuo Takahashi’s “Wagashi”. Colorful, tempting photographs of the decadent treats are accompanied by poetic descriptions of each bite.

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