Month: November 2012

Read Furby's Lips: Bring Back the '90s

The Chicago Tribune’s RedEye November 29, 2012
Brace yourselves: Furbies are back.
Just in time for Christmas, the owl/Mogwai/demon hybrid toy sensation of the ’90s has been resurrected and given a makeover. Your new Furby will have an app that translates his native Furbish language to English and LCD eyes (though looking into them is to stare into the face of madness).
It will also cost you $60 which, if you ask me, seems like an absurd amount to pay for a terrifying toy. I still remember the time my Furby “died” and then, years later, came back to life when I was cleaning out my closet. Why would they make a children’s toy do that?!
The rebirth of Furbies got me thinking about all the much, much cooler (and less traumatizing) ’90s relics that deserve a comeback. Here’s my list:
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Strangely Appealing: Distortion Candlestick

Shelterrific November 5, 2012 If Salvador Dali took a guest designer post at Jonathan Adler, the Distortion Candlestick would be his first pitch. The objet d’art is actually the brainchild of designer Paul Loebach. According to Areaware’s site, “A traditional candlestick is distorted through a 3D rendering program, rapid prototyped, then cast.” The process makes for some seriously trippy footage and the […]

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