Bookmark-worthy: The Jam Labelizer

Shelterrific September 24, 2012

The Jam Labelizer is a type A personality’s dream. It’s a free website that creates professional-looking packaging for your personal Martha-Stewart-caliber kitchen output. Enter in your jam name, type, bath date, and two taglines. Choose a label style and color and you’ll be able to print your design, save as a .jpeg, or share it on Facebook (go ahead, brag about that raspberry chutney).

One thought on “Bookmark-worthy: The Jam Labelizer

  1. Hi Katie, Thanks for the very cool link. I used the labelizer to prepare for my Witches Tea Party and made creepy labels using my invited witch friend’s names: Kathy’s Kreamy Bats, Mary’s Snails & Slugs, Charlene’s Swamp Juice etc.

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