Month: September 2012

Bookmark-worthy: The Jam Labelizer

Shelterrific September 24, 2012 The Jam Labelizer is a type A personality’s dream. It’s a free website that creates professional-looking packaging for your personal Martha-Stewart-caliber kitchen output. Enter in your jam name, type, bath date, and two taglines. Choose a label style and color and you’ll be able to print your design, save as a .jpeg, or […]

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Perfect for Fall: Pendleton's National Parks Blankets

Shelterrific September 21, 2012 There are lot of things I love about the fall: the humidity all but disappears, I start drinking apple cider and tea in large quantities, and it’s finally hoodie weather again. Come to think of it, all the things I love about the fall could be summed up in one word: […]

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Glue Gunnin' for a Fight

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye September 14, 2012
I have painstakingly crafted Pinterest boards to decorate imaginary houses, fill make-believe closets and plan fictional vacations. I have stacks of well-intentioned exercises that are supposed to give me Wonder Woman’s butt and bottomless recipe boxes full of meals I’ve never attempted.
Like pretty much every other Pinterest user out there, I’ve lost hours to the mental masturbation that is Pinterest. Well, it’s time I stop pin-crastinating and start doing! (Cue “Eye of the Tiger.”) I decided to try a new craft project from my DIY board every day for a month. I recorded my progress below. Some details may be greatly exaggerated.
Day 1: Success! Spray-painted a bunch of pine cones silver and stuck them in a glass jar. A confused silver spider wandered out but other than that, this was a win. One pin down.
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