How to Throw a Hunger Games Party

Shelterrific March 13, 2012
I’ve been waiting for Friday for a long time. Next weekend, the ‘Hunger Games’ movie premieres and I couldn’t be happier! I, like so many of my fellow Panem-obsessed bookworms, have been waiting for the movie to premiere since I read the last page of Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay. Now that it’s finally here, I’m prepared to celebrate the movie with all the pomp and circumstance of one of President Snow’s parties.
 Dress the Part:
There are a wealth of options when it comes to dressing up for your Hunger Games party. While there is officially licensed gear, including a replica of the arena jacket that Katniss wears for the games ($150) and the iconic mockingjay pin ($14), there’s also an endless supply of fan-made apparel. I’m partial to these shirts by Rachel Thomas featuring the logos of each of the Panem Districts ($25).
If you’re ready to commit to a costume party, consider asking everyone to come decked out in their favorite character of district. Even the chepaest guest can afford to smudge some black eye shadow on their cheeks to look like one of the miners from District 12. Have a mini tribute parade in your living room where your wannabe Finnicks and Rues can pose and show off their Panem looks.
Let the Games Begin:
Of course, a round or two of Hunger Games trivia is an obvious party game, but how about setting up a Nerf archery station (if you have the room)? Appoint a few guests to be game makers and have them assign skill values to each tribute’s form and precision.
If you’re a DIY host, construct a tracker jay pinata. Instead of the deadly genetically modtified insects, stuff your hive full of candies from the Capitol.
If your Hunger Games party is a Girls’ Night, set up a grooming station featuring China Glaze’s Capitol Colors nail polishes ($7 each at Hot Topic) and take turns giving each other party manicures. Bonus points if your grooming station includes Cinna’s signature gold eyeliner ($22) and Effie Trinket approved false eyelashes (about $16.50 to $22).
Make sure your guests eat as well as Katniss does when she heads to District 1. Italian wedding soup can stand in for a richer version of Greasy Sae’s winter soup and our favorite orange cranberry pecan bread could have come straight from the Mellark family bakery. For a special treat, make Crystal Wantanbe’s take on Prim’s goat cheese wrapped in basil leaves. Decadant, colorful macacroons are devoured by the boxful (in my mind) at the Capitol while District 12 is more inclinded to nibble coal cookies on special occasions.
You turn, Shelterrific readers: What are you including in your Hunger Games themed party? Happy celebrating and may the odds ever be in your favor!