Month: January 2012

Feeling Groovy Pets: pEipod Beds

Shelterrific January 31, 2012 We love our pets here at Shelterrific. What we aren’t so fond of is boring pet furniture. The good people at pEi Pod have come to our rescue and created a stunningly modern, cool pet bed. Who needs a floppy, brown cushion when you can have a neon, egg-like pod that […]

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bookmark worthy: purina’s petcentric breed libraries

Shelterrific January 18, 2010 Here’s something I never thought I would confess: I just spent three hours on Purina’s website. That’s right. Forget Reddit. Move along, Facebook. Time’s up, Pinterest. My hard-to-capture Internet attention has been captivated by Purina’s site If you too are a fan of anipals, a similar fate awaits you. The […]

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