Month: November 2011

Time to Reclaim Our Lunch Breaks

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye November 3, 2011
Lunch has always been my favorite part of the work day. I know that isn’t a very controversial stand to take—I might as well declare that the Chicago winters get pretty bad or Hugh Jackman should have taken his shirt off more in “Real Steel”—but, nonetheless, I stand by it. Lunch is awesome.
Lunch is the breath that breaks up my day. It’s a chance to escape my desk and clear my head. Just when my eyeballs feel like they’re going to melt from overexposure to spreadsheets and Google Docs, in swoops my lunch break, like Batman after a call from Commissioner Gordon, here to save the day. I grab my lunchbox, stride into the sun-drenched kitchen, and take a seat … alone. Most days, I’m one of only a few people in my office who takes an actual lunch break.
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