Month: September 2011

The NFL Season Stole My Man

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye September 7, 2011
I view the up-coming autumn with an increasing sense of dread. The air grows ominously cooler, Starbucks has pumpkin flavored coffee, and annoyingly cute couples make plans to go apple picking. Why does my dread grow as crunchy, multi-colored leaves start to pile up? Because it’s the time of year when my husband disappears.
Yes, I am an NFL widow.
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Pimp My Ride

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye September 3, 2011
Roberto Izquierdo spends hours at a time scouring eBay, but he’s not collecting vinyl or out-of-print books. The graphic designer is looking for parts for his bicycle. Make that his third bicycle.
“At first, I didn’t want to own a custom bike—I just wanted a simple road bike,” he said.
But Izquierdo, 25, of Bridgeport, soon realized he wanted more than an off-the-rack model.
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