Month: March 2011

Gozamos TV: C2E2 2011

Gozamos March 21, 2011 Gozamos goes to C2E2 2011 and checks out Chicago’s pop culture event of the year! We talk to several comic book artists, film directors, geek culture lovers and even some Windy City Jedi. Check out Episode 22 of featuring roving nerd reporter Katie Donbavand.

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Why Must Spring Take Our Beards?

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye March 18, 2011
There are a lot of things I love about the men of Chicago. I love the way they proudly wear their Bears/Cubs/Sox/Blackhawks hats even when their team was crushed the night before. I love the steely eyed resolve they display on frigid mid-January nights waiting for an “L” train. But there’s nothing I love more about Chicago men than the beards they sport.
Chicago is a city of beards, at least in the winter. Men grow thick, undeniably sexy beards to shield them from developing hypothermia every time they step outside. Warmer than a scarf and way less creepy than a ski mask, seasonable beards have become a staple to Chicago men. And I couldn’t be happier about it!
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Ten Things to Do at C2E2 Chicago

Gozamos March 17, 2011
Nerds, geeks, dweebs: lend me your ears!
While you’re at it, can you also lend me your special edition DVD box set of Firefly, your Cowboy Bebop magna, and your lucky Batman t-shirt? A girl’s gotta be prepared, you know!
The Chicago pop culture phenomenon begins this Friday March 18th and runs through Sunday March 20th. From D.C. to Dolls, it’s all happening at C2E2. Tickets range from $25 (one day online pre-sale pass) to $60 (on-site weekend pass) and are available through C2E2’s website.
To help you navigate the truly packed-to-the-brim weekend, your friendly neighborhood Lifestyle editor (that would be me) has assembled a must-do list of the best of the best of C2E2.
Be there or be the laughing stock of your Joss Whedon forum.
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