Month: January 2011

Fun with Tupperware: Bang-Yao Liu’s ‘Plastic City’

Shelterrific January 26, 2011 Taiwan artist Bang-yao Liu created ‘Plastic City’, a brightly colored rendering of the urban landscape of Shanghai made up of plastic bins. Bang-yao combed Shanghai’s marketplace for plastic products to create the thriving, constantly developing city. It’s fun to see the usually utilitarian household staples get a high octane makeover. The […]

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Skip the Teddy Bear, Try the Wee Ninja

Shelterrific January 25, 2011 I hate getting stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day. While the thought is well-intentioned enough, I can’t stand the fuzzy, pink teddy bears holding lace-edged hearts that Walgreens stock by the dozen. They all seem like the plushie equivalent of Splenda. I was all set to think that I had outgrown stuffed […]

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etsy Holiday: Valentine's Day Cards

Shelterrific January 24, 2011 Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day peaked when we were in elementary school. Now that we’re grown-ups, it’s a holiday full of prix fixe menus in overstuffed restaurants and boring teddy bears holding hearts. When you were little though, Valentines Day was the first fun holiday of the year. You got to […]

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Kinda Genius: Magisso's Cake Cutter and Server

Shelterrific January 21, 2011 The worst part of baking a cake is serving it. It’s horrible! If left to my own devices, my expertly frosted and decorated dessert becomes a lump of mush on a plate. It still tastes the same but I would definitely be asked to pack up my knives if I served […]

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Strangely Appealing: Alligator Feet Pot Stand

Shelterrific January 20, 2011 Straight from the garden of Dr. Moreau, Anthropologie’s Alligator Feet Pot Stand ($78) is my current obsession! The iron planter is deliciously gothic and would add a little Halloween to your home year round. The creepy claws-and-scales feet look so lifelike, that they seem just seconds away from slithering away with […]

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Review: The Green Hornet

Gozamos January 14, 2011
I went into ‘The Green Hornet’ with low expectations. Maybe you will too. Maybe you already saw ‘True Grit’ over Christmas break when you had to escape from all the forced family fun. You watched ‘Black Swan’ during a weekend snow storm when nothing was on TV (and have been having nightmares ever since).
Now what?
Surely you’re not about to shell out $11 to see ‘Little Fockers’ or another disappointing Vince Vaughn vehicle (I still haven’t forgiven him for ‘Couple’s Retreat’ which fell somewhere on the enjoyment scale between 10% sales tax and accidentally ripping a toenail off). Maybe this weekend you’ll shrug your shoulders, grab a box of Raisinets, and wander into a theater playing ‘The Green Hornet’ solely because it seems like the least offensive movie you haven’t seen yet.
But guess what? It’s actually pretty good!canada goose sale mens
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Sweater Weather: Olek’s Crocheted Charging Bull

Shelterrific January 13, 2011 New York based artist Olek put her crafting skills to use this holiday season as she worked through the freezing Christmas night crocheting a cozy sweater for Manhattan’s iconic Charging Bull sculpture. The guerrilla art is so bright and cozy (especially against the gray of Wall Street) that I can’t help […]

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Help! Where do I Eat in New Orleans?

Shelterrific January 7, 2011 Megan B. recently made us all jealous by heading to Hawaii for vacation and dipped into our readers’ expertise for some traveling suggestions. You guys were so fantastic that I thought I’d follow her lead. My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary with a trip down to New Orleans […]

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Blossoms in Winter: Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons

Shelterrific January 6, 2010 I don’t know about you guys, but I am over this whole winter thing. After the holidays, the long stretch of frigid, snowy weeks until spring seems endless (especially with no presents or crazy parties to look forward to). canada goose parka In Chicago in particular, things get as gray as […]

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These Pants will Kill your Game

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye January 5, 2010

I recently was alerted to a horrific trend that I feel compelled to rally against.
No, it’s not a new e-mail scam that steals your identity or some weird new way kids are getting high. It’s much worse than that. It’s pajama jeans. Read more