Month: November 2010

Steal This Idea: Plate Wall

Shelterrific November 19, 2010canada goose sale mens No décor theme has a stuffier reputation than walls adorned with hanging plates (well, maybe plastic covered couches). They telegraph fussiness and an old fashion sensibility that usually accompany doilies and early bird specials. Lately though, I’ve seen plate walls that are, against all odds, modern and fun! […]

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Friday Fun: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tumblers

Shelterrific November 12, 2010canada goose parka In a perfect world, I’d have a cabinet full of Kate Spade china and gorgeous Waterford crystal stemware. I’d also love to be blonde, a self-made millionaire, and never shiver through another Chicago winter again but that just isn’t me. I’m a brunette, I pay with coupons, and I […]

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Want it Now: Mini Donut Factory

Shelterrific November 10, 2010 Let’s be politically incorrect for a moment, shall we? Forget counting calories, trans fats, and whether or not you’re supposed to eat carbs. Donuts are awesome. There are no two ways about it! Donuts are also a huge pain to make from scratch. Think Geek has taken all the hard work […]

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Couples Dating: A Delicate Dance

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye November 10, 2010

When my husband and I moved to Chicago from Boston, I felt as if I had been transported into a magical new universe–a place where restaurants put bacon on everything and buses actually stopped to pick up passengers.
But one thing (besides an endless selection of seafood joints) was missing: friendship.
That’s where things get complicated for couples.
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A Very Woodland Office: Sentimental Squirrel Pin Holder

Shelterrific November 9, 2010 On my quest for adorable office supplies, I’ve found that one rule rings true every time: Woodland creatures make everything cuter! Remember the chirping bird and hedgehog paper clip holders we featured awhile back? Adorable overload! Take push pins for example, is there anything more boring than push pins? The banal […]

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Chicago Latino Fashion Week 2010 is Here!

Gozamos November 8, 2010
Dust off your skyscraper high heels and get your best suit pressed: Latino Fashion Week is arriving in Chicago tonight! Runways will fill up with models as the can’t-miss-it social event of the season kicks off this evening. Don’t be shy, Gozamos is here to help all you wall flowers take the plunge and step into the ranks of Chicago’s glittering fashion scene with eight things that you definitely don’t want to miss this week. Just try not to be blinded by the flashbulbs. . . Read more

Child's Play: Crayon Rocks

Shelterrific November 8, 2010 There are all sorts of high-end wants on my wish list (a week at a Tahiti spa, a pair of those incredible Prada striped heels from spring/summer 2011 and a vent-less electric fireplace) but I’ve found that the things I enjoy the most are simple things. Like coloring. Man, nothing beats […]

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