Month: October 2010

Pasties and Podoboos: A 'Boobs and Goombas' Review

Gozamos October 28, 2010
Gapers Block November 11, 2010

Photos by K Leo
It’s a dream come true for twelve year olds: take Super Mario Brothers and combine it with nudity. Throw in a locked door and it’s a pre-teen wonderland that most greasy-haired guys can only dream of. ‘Boobs and Goombas’ is (thankfully) not just for sticky-fingered boys, it’s a fantastic new show that has been playing to cheering crowds at the Gorilla Tango Theater. Set to run only through October, the show has been such a hit that (lucky for you!) November and December dates have been added. Read more

Office Porn: White Mountain Office

Shelterrifc October 20, 2010
White Mountain office
By the looks of the White Mountain Office, plots to take over the world are hatched here daily. Worthy of uber evil James Bond villains, the offices are actually home to a Bahnhof AB data center (or at least that’s what they want us to think). The super lair was designed by Albert France Lanord Architects and is located 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm.  Not surprisingly, it was once used as an atomic bomb shelter and could withstand the resulting fallout.
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In Five: Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Shelterrific October 19, 2010
Last weekend, in the tradition of the crisp fall season, I visited an orchard to go apple picking. It was all sorts of rosy-cheeked fun and as wholesome as a Doris Day movie complete with tractor rides, tree climbs, freshly baked cinnamon donuts, and cider — oh the cider! I’ve never had a better cider than the apple orchard variety and was craving it hard once I returned to the city. Luckily, after a little trial and error, I stumbled upon the perfect orchard-quality cider recipe. The best part? The prep time is only five minutes — no squeezing apples required! Check out the recipe after the jump.
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Kinda Genius: Joseph Joseph Compact Herb Chopper

Shelterrific October 18, 2010 I hate washing dishes. Every time I look at a recipe’s ingredients, I mentally tally up how full my sink is going to be afterward. The worst offenders seem to be chopping herbs, which require a food processor or a large chopping board and knife. Thanks to Joseph Joseph’s compact herb […]

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Kinda Genius: Envelope Template

Shelterrific October 15, 2010 In a world full of status updates, Tweets, and quick texts fired off underneath tables at boring meetings, a bona fide signed-sealed-delivered letter is downright luxurious. The Spoon Sisters are leading the fight to bring back the handwritten note with their envelope template ($16.95). Trace the simple wooden template on to […]

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Real Life Test Kitchen: Orange Cranberry Pecan Bread

Shelterrific October 13, 2010
Sunday mornings in autumn were made for recipes like this! Followed by sleeping late and accompanied by a cup of black tea, a toasted (and buttered) slice of orange cranberry bread with pecans is pretty much the best morning I can imagine. Bonus: I made the whole thing in my one bowl food processor- easy clean up! Check out the recipe after the jump.   Read more

Weekend DIY: Stenciled Wall Columns

Shelterrific October 8, 2010 I love the idea of painted columns at the corner of a dining room. The technique is something that I’ve never seen before and manages to be both whimsical and stately at the same time. According to the how-to guide from Martha Stewart (who else?), all you’ll need is paint, card […]

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Better Than Okay: Interview with OK Go

Gozamos October 7, 2010

By all accounts, I’m unqualified to write for Gozamos’ music section. I am definitively not a music snob. My iPod is full of singles, I don’t collect backstage passes like baseball cards, and I’ve never said anything along the lines of “Man, you should have heard them before they sold out.” In fact, the last album I bought was TLC’s CrazySexyCool (a fact that earned quite a few laughs at our last contributors’ meeting). That is, until I heard OK Go. Read more

Want it Now: Globus Desk

Shelterrific October 4, 2010 My back is killing me. It’s not because I’m getting older or have chronic problems or spent the weekend helping Liberace move, it’s because I don’t have a desk. Yes, that’s right: I pen all my insightful home decor and lifestyle musings from my squishy couch hunched over my laptop like […]

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Strangely Appealing: Goldfish Heaven Bath Plug

Shelterrific October 1, 2010 Ernie may have dubbed his rubber ducky “the one”, but I think I’d enjoy this little fishy even more than his feathered friend. The Goldfish Heaven Bath Plug from ModCloth (who knew they made home goods?) is the definition of cheeky. The cartoon-ready goldfish tail is enough to make every bubble […]

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