Month: September 2010

Post Off: What was your Best Homemade Halloween Costume?

Shelterrific September 30, 2010 Confession time: I’ve never bought a Halloween costume. Even when I was little, my mother labored over my corduroy purple mouse (complete with tail) costume and last year I grabbed a vintage prom dress, a dead flower corsage, a tarnished tiara and fake blood to transform into a vampire prom queen. […]

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Real Life Test Kitchen: Pecan Cornmeal Muffins

Shelterrific September 29, 2010
We love muffins at Shelterrific (remember our wheat-free persimmon date almond muffins? And our favorite apple cinnamon ones?) and last week I stumbled on another recipe to add to our growing list of breakfast goodies! These pecan cornmeal muffins are exactly what I imagine they’d serve at a cozy bed and breakfast in New Hampshire. Perfect for the cool weather, they’re almost scone-like and have just the right amount of richness. You have my permission to eat them right away- they’re best right out of the oven. Pour a cup of tea and indulge in one of these autumnal goodies after the jump.
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'Buried': Notes from the Underground

Gozamos September 24, 2010
The new film ‘Buried’, opening Friday, begins as truck driver Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up after his convoy in Iraq has been attacked. He doesn’t wake up in a nice clean hospital bed or his familiar home with his wife doting on him. Nope, he wakes up in a coffin buried deep underground with only a few items including a small flask, a Zippo, and a cell phone. Paul struggles to free himself from his (potential) grave as time and his air supply runs out. Read more

A Feminine Formula for Teen Sex Comedies

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye September 23, 2010
Last week I saw “The Virginity Hit,” which is the latest movie within the tiny Hollywood genre featuring sex-crazed high school kids on a quest to lose their virginity (see also: “Porky’s,” “American Pie” and “Superbad”).
The problem with these movies is that they always star guys. Between the wacky high jinx and underage drinking, it’s always the nerdy and chubby boys who are ready to turn in their v-cards, and never the girls.
Oh sure, there are plenty of wacky teen comedies featuring a female lead cast, but they’re always are about a group of girls obsessing over fantasy prom dates and popularity makeovers. These caricatured girls have madcap shopping montages and talk about first kisses as if they’re as important and insurmountable as the summit of Mount Everest.
This might be a totally outlandish concept for some people, but by senior year of high school some girls are ready to lose their virginity. In fact, some girls are just as ready as their horn-dog male counterparts. These are not mythical creatures like unicorns or Cubs pennants–these are the mature, unashamed girls who I went to high school with.
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The First Time's Not Always the Charm

Gozamos September 23, 2010
It sounds like a decent enough premise: take all those wacky, teenage sex comedies (see ‘Porky’s’, ‘Superbad’, etc.) and give them a low-budget make-over with a realistic twist for the YouTube generation. In theory it sounds great, but in practice ‘The Virginity Hit’, for all its potential, never really takes off. Read more

'Howl' Hits all the Right Beats

Gozamos September 22, 2010
Bio pics usually abide by a formulaic outline. A lead actor (in search of an Oscar) does a dead-on mimic of the late-great bio pic’s subject featuring a poor/difficult childhood, a candy-coated rise to fame, an inevitable set back/addiction, and a triumphant comeback (see: ‘Walk the Line’, ‘Ray’, ‘The Aviator’, etc.). They’ve become as predictable as clockwork and (although entertaining) devoid of real passion. Actors turn in good impressions of dead celebrities (i.e. “He sounds like Johnny Cash!” “He looks like Ray Charles!”) and are rewarded for their lack of depth come award season. Read more

Party Pleaser: Kaboom Candles

Shelterrific September 21, 2010 What could make an already awesome birthday cake better? How about these Kaboom Candles from Spoon Sisters! The cartoon-friendly candles sparkle like Acme bombs as you light the wicks but, don’t worry, the Spoon Sisters’ website assures us that the candles “are for decoration only, they will not explode.” . . .unless […]

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The Dude Keeps Rollin'

Gapers Block September 17, 2010
Of all the sources to inspire a titillate-and-tease burlesque show, “The Big Lebowski” has got to be one of the most bizarre. In truth, that’s probably half of the reason why “Rollin’ Outta Here Naked: A Big Lebowski Burlesque” works so well. The concept is so unexpected that it’s hard to wrap your head around what kind of theater you are about to witness. Bowling? Striptease? A roving band of nihilists with a pet ferret? Leave it to the Vaudezilla burlesque troupe to not only to make sense of it all, but to make it one hell of a Saturday night.
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Help! How Do I Recycle my Fluorescent Bulbs?

Shelterrific September 14, 2010 Kermit the Frog was right: it’s not easy being green. Case in point, I’ve had a rather large, burned out fluorescent tube bulb hanging around my apartment for about a month now and not a clue as to where to drop it to be recycled. I’ve Googled, I’ve Binged, and to no […]

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Office Porn: Into the Woods with Selgas Cano Architecture

Shelterrific September 13, 2010 There’s nothing I love more than looking at gorgeous offices and I recently stumbled on a doozy. There are no beige walls or stuffy conference rooms in the offices of Selgas Cano Architecture! Designed by Iwan Baan, the offices are entwined with nature thanks to the huge, sunny windows and the […]

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