Month: August 2010

A Gorram Good Time

Gozamos August 27, 2010
Saturday night there’s a little shindig happening at the Portage Theater.
One of the greatest movies to almost never be made, ‘Serenity’, will be screened for a group of the most passionate fans this side of the Friendly Confines. With a costume contest, door prizes, a silent auction, and other surprises planned, it’s guaranteed to be the most fun you’ll have in the ‘verse tomorrow. . .and all in the name of charity. Read more

Devilish Good Fun with 'The Last Exorcism'

Gozamos August 26, 2010
Being a recovering Catholic, I was raised to think of possession as a constant, unprovoked threat. Worse than cancer, more common than an eye roll from a tween, possession can swoop down and defile your soul at any time. That iconography still lingers in the back of my rational mind which is probably while exorcism films, a micro-genre within the huge horror genre, scare me more than my friends with more secular childhoods. ‘The Last Exorcism’, however, is scary enough to give nightmares to even the most logical Vulcan. Read more

Local Hero: Dr. Robyn Barbiers

Gozamos August 20, 2010
Dr. Robyn Barbiers has devoted her life to the welfare of all things furry. After spending nearly 3 decades saving lives and curing sick anipals (including an impressive fourteen years at the Lincoln Park Zoo), Dr. Barbiers was named president of the Anti-Cruelty Society. She takes time out of her busy schedule to answer some of Gozamos’ questions. Read more

Dog Adoption Worth Jumping Through all the Hoops

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye August 12, 2010
For weeks I waded through paperwork, fielded phone calls involving demanding questions and arranged home visits so strangers with clipboards could stalk around my apartment clicking their tongues. No, I wasn’t applying for an internship with Mayor Daley, I wasn’t being approved for G-13 clearance with the FBI and I wasn’t taking a ring back to Mordor. I was adopting a dog.
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Going to Graceland

Gozamos August 10, 2010
Dotted with winding paths, a serene lake, incredible architecture, and bending willow trees, Graceland is arguably one of the most beautiful parks in Chicago. It’s a quiet place, a haven that, once inside its brick walls, shuts out the clamor from the rumbling red line L trains and the busy Irving Park traffic. Not that most of Graceland’s residents will be complaining about the noise any time soon- Graceland is a cemetery. Read more