Month: July 2010

10 Things to Remember to do Before you Leave for Vacation

Gozamos July 31, 2010
You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your hotel, and printed your boarding pass. You’re ready to go on a well-deserved vacation, right? Wrong, Happy Traveler. Before you bid bon voyage, don’t forget to run through Gozamos’ handy dandy pre-trip checklist.

  1. Prepay Bills– Make sure you pay off Verizon, ComEd, and whoever else wants a piece of your paycheck. The last thing you want when you get back is a stack of late fees and a voice mail box full of collectors calling.
  2. Timing is Everything– Buy an inexpensive timer and set the TV, lights, or radio to turn on intermittently while your gone.
  3. Clean Sweep– Chances are you’ll be exhausted on your way home. After plane delays, returning rental cars, and all the headaches of return traveling, the most energy I can summon up is to dump the dirty clothes into the hamper and flop into bed. Do your future self a favor and give your house a clean sweep before you leave: take out the trash, make the bed, do the dishes, toss the leftovers in the fridge, and run the garbage disposal. Read more

Messy Martyr: Lindsay Lohan and Schadenfreude

Gozamos July 8, 2010
This is a safe place, admit it: you tuned into the live feed of Lindsay Lohan’s trial to get a little joy from it. That’s why I watched.
The Germans have a word for it, schadenfreude. Simply put, it means deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others. America’s Funniest Home Videos has made an empire on the theory. Falling off a trampoline and breaking your own leg isn’t funny. Watching a stranger bounce too high and go head-over-keister on a trampoline is downright hilarious. For me, there is no schadenfreude more potent, more deliciously, shamefully satisfying than watching a privileged little princess get knocked down. Read more

6 Hot Spots to Catch Chicagoland Fireworks

Gozamos July 3, 2010
Independence Day without fireworks is like Thanksgiving without turkey, Halloween without jack-o-laterns, or Valentines Day without the disappointment. Booming fireworks displays are the essential part of celebrating our nation’s birth and our victory over those devious, tax-loving Englishmen so grab some lawn chairs and cozy up to a fellow patriot under the rockets’ red glare.
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