Month: June 2010

Second City Savant: Horacio Nieto

Gozamos June 23, 2010
Feature photograph by Luis Anthony Chavez
Collection Photography courtesy Kayoua Xiong and Dan Tomei
At the end of a not-so-special street, on a not-so-special block, there’s a modest condo guarded heavily by two miniature pinschers named Rex and Selena. Inside, the furniture is modern but comfortable looking, the kitchen is tidy, and the hardwood floors are the color of honey. By all accounts, it’s a perfectly average looking home. You wouldn’t know it just by looking at it, but something magical happens here. Read more

The Mid West Maverick: Borris Powell

Gozamos June 16, 2010
Photography courtesy Ben Nelson and Giuliano Correia
It’s a love fest at Borris Powell’s studio.
The evening I visited him, his friend and colleague Erin Creaney of 808 Studios has dropped by to coo over the gorgeously draped dresses that will be his Spring/Summer 2010 line insisting, “I want to wear them now!” while clients keep calling his phone and begging for his attention. He greets me with a hug and a huge laugh as he juggles everyone clamoring after him. In the midst of all the flurry, Borris acts as the ever-glittering center of this universe. I get the feeling that tonight is not an anomaly. Every day is a love fest here. Read more